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Thursday, April 20, 2017

My Top Ten George Brett Cards Released From 1980-1982

The early 1980s saw the expansion of the baseball cards.  Topps pretty much had the monopoly of the main stream sports cards in the US with a few minor companies, which were mainly food companies doing promotion cards.  That all changed in 1981 with Donruss and Fleer entering the race.  It expanded the amount of cards that at least a star player had from just a couple of cards notable stack.  For example there are more George Brett cards made between 1981 and 1982, then was made between 1975-1980.  I will say that this era of cards has some of my least favorite card designs.  If you read my Wednesday Top Ten - My Favorite George Brett Cards you will find none of these cards listed there.  Saying that, I was able to pick out a few gems.  My top ten lists, unless otherwise stated, are limited to cards that I currently own.  The lists are strictly base on my opinion.  Cards might be listed because they have some memorable back story, cool design, or something that simply sticks out, too me, about them.  Feel free to comment, I love talking to other collectors.  To check out the front and back of all of these cards and over 1000 other George Brett cards click here at "The Unofficial George Brett Card Catalog" and check out my website.

My Top Ten George Brett Cards Released From 1980-1982

10. 1980 Topps Super #14
Let start it off big, or at least with a big card.  I like the Super series that Topps produced, especially in the mid 1980s.  This one had 2 variations, a gray back and a white back version.  I also like it when they put the faux autograph on the cards.

9. 1982 Wilson Glove Tags, Youth League Baseball Glove
Though not technically a baseball card, it's still a fun collectible.   This "cards" whole purpose was to be thrown away after the purchase, but luckily someone saw the value and held it back.  I hope that the kid that got this glove got some good use out of it.  I am not sure what year this was released.  Most commentary that I see on this show that it was made probably in 1982.

8. 1981 Ted Watts Postcards
Again, not technically a baseball card, but this will be a pattern on this list.  Again there are 2 variations on this postcard, a black ink on back and a brown ink on back.  I really love the design and the artwork.   Some day the brown ink version will be added to my collection.

7. 1981 Topps Scratchoffs #1 Panel with Willie Wilson & Alan Trammel
How do we make collecting cards popular? I know, add a hint of gambling in it. I honestly think the card is ugly, but that’s what makes it stand out to me. There are 4 different panels that Brett appears on. I chose this one, because it has Willie Wilson on it.  I also have a large collection of his cards too.

6. 1982 O-Pee-Chee #201 In Action
I like simple design, action cards. This 1982 card is a great example. Also being OPC it has the white card stock and it's also written in French.

5. 1981 Squirt #1
Another card that came in a panel of cards.  This Brett card appears in 2 different panels. One of my favorite colors is green, and it's not because of money. This card stands out big time to me. It's so bright. In a lineup of cards, your eyes go directly to it.  I'm not as fond of the 1982 version or the drink for that matter.

4. 1981 All-Star Game Program Insert #29
During the early to mid 1980s at the all-star game, MLB put out a program and part of that program included several sheets of players that could be cutout.  This is my favorite of the series.

3. 1980 Burger King #13
I do like this 1980 design, but which card to choose, Burger King, OPC, or Topps. Well I have used OPC and Topps, so that means that Burger King won by default. Pepsi also made a version of this design and made proofs, but never went ahead with mass producing them. I have seen a picture of the entire proof set. Topps auctioned it off a couple years ago.

2. 1982 Perma-Graphic Gold All-Stars #9
Until recently this probably would have been my number one card.  But a recent disappointment knocked it down a spot, at no fault of this card.  I have the complete line of George Brett Perma-Graphic cards (1981-1983) except for the 1982 Gold Credit Card #19.  Couple weeks ago, I saw that someone was selling one online and bought it.  I thought that this part of my collection was finally going to be complete, but alas the seller mismarked it for this pictured card and my set is still incomplete.

Honorable Mentions
1981 Dick Kaegel, The Sporting News
1981 O-Pee-Chee #113

1. 1981 Royals Police #2
This is probably on of the last cards that I added to this era of cards, definitely not the last one though, and one of the hardest to find in a price that I was comfortable paying.  I like cards that have a nice action shot, very simplistic design, and are rare.  This fits all 3 categories.

Thanks for checking out my top ten.  Check back regularly for my "hopefully" semi-regular blog called "Random and Reflections."  Also, again, don't forget to check out my website, "The Unofficial George Brett Card Catalog".

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