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Monday, June 20, 2016

Top Ten George Brett Cards Produced Since Becoming a Dad

On an early Thursday morning in the middle of February in 2005, my 9+ month pregnant wife and I went in for a non-stress test and a ultra-sound to get an idea when we should hope to see the new addition to our family.  We were told that we would be there for around an hour and be sent home.  I took the morning off from work fully intending to go in the afternoon, but plans changed and the nurse told us that we, well at least my wife, weren't going home without our son.  Around 30 hours later my wife and I became parents of a literally bouncing baby boy.  Three years later his sister came along.  Children change outlook on life.  You are now responsible for someone else's life and well being.

It has been over 2 months since I last did a top ten, so I thought it would be cool to do a top ten George Brett cards that have been produced since I became a dad in 2005, in honor of Fathers Day.  I will say that this era of cards do not hold as dear of a place in my heart as ones from his playing days, starting 3 decades earlier, but there are a few gems.  My top ten lists, unless otherwise stated, are limited to cards that I currently own.  The lists are strictly base on my opinion.  Cards might be listed because they have some memorable back story, cool design, or something that simply sticks out, too me, about them.  Feel free to comment, I love talking to other collectors.  To check out the front and back of all of these cards and over 1000 other George Brett cards click here at "The Unofficial George Brett Card Catalog" and check out my website.

Top Ten George Brett Cards Produced Since Becoming a Dad

10. 2013 Panini Father's Day Museum Collection #MC1

It's hard not to pick a card that came out on Father's Day.  Nice design and I like the colors, but I would have liked the border to be a bit narrower.

9. 2005 Bazooka Fun Facts Relics #GB (Game Used Bat Piece)

This was the first memorabilia card I ever bought.  It was fairly cheap and "Fun Fact" it's fun to look at.

8. 2014 Stadium Club Legends Die-Cuts #LDC-6

I like die-cut cards.  They go against the norm of solid 4-sided rectangle.  What's not to like.

7. 2015 Topps Museum Collection - Canvas Collection Reprints #CCR-28 

I also really like drawn cards.  To me they bring out youthful feelings, because I use to love to draw when I was a kid.  I drew a pretty mean Alf if I do say so myself.

6. 2008 Topps Triple Threads Sepia #53 (s/n 294/525)

I have recently started enjoying buying serial numbered cards.  When you think about how many thousands and thousands of standard cards a series like Topps makes and these particular cards have a very limited run, it give you a special feeling,  Now saying that, I don't think I will have the special honor of having a 1 of 1 card any time soon.

5. 2013 Hometown Heroes Homegrown Heroes #11 George Brett

I really don't have a good explanation why this card is so high on the list.  It's a cool design and I just like it.

4. 2012 Topps Archives Cloth Stickers #GB 

All of these cards produced in this time frame that I have chosen to highlight are from well after Brett retired.  So many of the brands like to showcase past successes.  One of my top ten George Brett cards is the 1977 Topps Cloth Sticker card.  It's also probably the card I have the most of.  When I saw this card come on the market it had to be mine.  Unfortunately, I was way to eager to get this card and paid way to much for it, thinking that it was going to be a high value card.  Well, it's now highly valued only by me.

3. 2015 Topps Tribute #86

Sometime you after you paid for a card you get this sinking feeling that you paid way too much for it.  See #4 for a great example.  Sometime you buy one and say, man I go a great deal on this one.   I have found patience is usually the key when buying a baseball card.  Usually one will pop up for a price that you can't refuse.  When I saw this card I new I wanted it, but didn't want to pay the price most sellers were asking.  Finally I found one in a budget that I was willing to pay and it was mine.

2. 2005 Donruss Elite Teams Green #8 w/Bo Jackson & Frank White (s/n 257/750)

I don't only collect George Brett cards, but I also collect Royals cards from the late 80's early 90's.  I have a almost complete Frank White set from when he was an active player and a very large Bo Jackson collection, mainly focusing on when he played for the Royals and Raiders.  I have a few very rare Jackson cards that do not come up for sale very often and a large Odd-Ball & Broder collection of Jackson cards as well.  I might do a Bo Jackson top ten sometime.
Honorable Mentions:  Notice any similarities?

From Right to left
2006 Topps Rookie of the Week #12
2012 Topps Archives Reprints #228
2013 Topps Manufactured Commemorative Rookie Patch #RCP9
2014 Topps Manufactured Commemorative Rookie Patch #RCP9
2016 Topps - Berger's Best #BB-24
1. 2010 Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out Original Back #CMT82

This shouldn't be a surprise, but in 2010 is when I started recollecting George Brett cards.  My first card collected was a 1975 rookie and pretty close to the second card was the other variation to this card, which has a commemorative back.  Well that wasn't good enough for me and I had to have the original back.  It didn't take long before this card was in my small collection at that time.  Six years and over 1000 George Brett cards later and I still have the drive to collect. But for now it is late and this guy is ready for bed.  Good night!

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